Svekyll takes the simple conventions of Jekyll and marries them to the incredible power of Svelte.

Jekyll is the original static blogging tool that created the static blog movement inspiring Hugo, Pelican, and Gatsby. Svelte is the most loved JavaScript framework as of 2021!

Create a Svekyll blog now

title: "Svekyll blogs"
  theme: light
  provider: matomo
      site_id: 7
      url: ""
Any .md file can be customized with YAML front matter
Out of the box support for Tailwind
Use webmentions and restore cordial discussion
Choose from over a dozen pre-built themes from DaisyUI
Get the benefits of SSR, code splitting, and fast build times
Simple SSR-integrated SEO
Share content on Twitter and Facebook with better previews
Write files in pure Markdown. Svekyll uses MDSveX, put Svelte inside your Markdown!
One click for a new Svekyll blog with integrated analytics, contributor badges, fast publishing and mobile first publishing
Just drop .md files into the _posts directory
Great writers get help from their colleagues, make sure to credit them publicly
Use Jekyll-style _config.yml
Declaratively configure analytics inside _config.yml