Easily convert Jekyll blogs

Convert your blog, easily


  1. Clone svekyll
  2. Drop all .md files into _posts (a symlink to src/routes, so on Windows please put into src/routes)
  3. Move in your _config.yml file. You should have at least a title and description.
  4. Move layouts into the _layouts symlink.
  5. Run yarn build to see if it builds

The actual reality

If your blog uses lots of Liquid tags inside your .md or layout files, you will need to convert those to Svelte.

Svekyll comes with a rudimentary processor for liquid (look inside the svekyll.js); this will be improved upon and hopefully support the most basic and important liquid tags. It currently does one thing:

Files with this:

{{ content }}

Get converted to this:


(In other words, we convert the Jekyll tag for including the body of a post into the Svekyll/SvelteKit equivalent)